Sierra Melcher (BIO)

Sierra is a veteran teacher. With over 12 years classroom experience in the USA, China & Colombia she is an expert in her field. She had the opportunity to teach in rural public schools and urban charter schools for at-risk youth, a bilingual immersion school and an elite international school.  She has taught all ages but specialized in secondary education. Social studies and in particular History is her passion, but has taught ESOL, Literature, Math & Science. In these diverse environments she developed a slew of skills and a bevy of strategies.

Not only is she an experienced educator, she is also an excellent mentor, well-versed in sharing her knowledge and skill with others. She is the ideal coach and mentor.

Skills and Strategies

Creative classroom management
Engaging reluctant learners
Creating safe spaces for all students
Integrating ESOL into content
Mentoring new & experienced teachers

formal training & certificates:

  • Masters Degree in Curriculum & Instruction
  • 2003 TESOL Certificate
  • 2003 Teacher Coach Training
  • 2014 Mindful Schools Training: 2013

I coach

  • New classroom teachers
  • Experienced teachers interested in mastering their craft
  • Teachers new to international education
  • Teachers of ESOL
  • and people with little formal education training

*All Coaching sessions are always completely confidential*


  • Sierra guided me by first patiently listening to my obstacles, and then giving me advice for different group work activities, and curriculum changes. As for life living abroad, Sierra also has a wealth of information that seems to be never ending. She consistently followed up with me throughout the school year, and always gave me her honest opinion. I have had the most successful and fulfilling first year as an international teacher thanks to her; I don't know what I would have done without her! Sierra gives her whole heart into whomever she is advising, and with her advice, you will definitely receive a clearer view of what you will want to accomplish in your time abroad, whether it be your first year or your 10th!

    Jen Chang
    Jen Chang
  • I emphatically recommend Sierra as a teacher coach! I have found her to be one of the most ethical, caring, and diligent human beings I have ever had the pleasure to meet! It is clear to me that she has a great amount of experience teaching in the international setting, and her wisdom and advice has been invaluable thus far! I am so happy I was lucky enough to get coached by Sierra!

    Alec Reisner
    Alec Reisner
  • There are many different reasons why I think that Sierra was the key to my success in my new school. Through her I have learned new way to put together effective instruction for each of the different classes I teach. She has given me the tools that have allowed me to connect with my students and create a constructive learning environment. I was able to easily create a connection with her. Through this connection she helped me create a professional learning plan that has taught me more than any professional development day or conference I have ever been a part of. Prior to working with Sierra, I was not happy with the test-centered focus of my classroom and wanted to integrate more technology and student interaction. But I wasn't sure what I could do to change things. Sierra taught me how to make effective changes in my classroom so I can meet the requirements of the tests I give and still provide my students with learning opportunities that will prepare them for their future experiences in our school and the world.

    John Cleveland
    John Cleveland