Coaching, Mentoring & Counseling
for international educators
Transformational Teaching Practice
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favicon Teach abroadWHAT I OFFER

Our goal is to guide teachers to find their most effective, efficient and authentic selves. We provide a one-on-one support service for International Educators: mentoring, coaching & counseling.

favicon Teach abroadHOW I DO IT

Using video conferencing we offer face-to-face sessions, observe teaching practice and send written follow-up to support teachers. In addition we offer on-line self study courses, and group coaching sessions.

favicon Teach abroadMEET THE COACH

“Sierra gives her whole heart into whomever she is advising, and with her advice, you will definitely receive a clearer view of what you will want to accomplish in your time abroad, whether it be your first year or your 10th!” Jen Chang


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